About Susan

Susan Magestro is a criminologist, investigator, interventionist, international speaker, author, university instructor, educator, and consultant.

Areas of expertise:

  • Families struggling with trauma and mental health
  • Domestic violence with youth as abuser and parents as the victims
  • Cyber-bullying and social media issues
  • Children of incarcerated parents
  • Issues of severe anger

All her cases involve serious crimes committed by youth; as well as crimes that involve youth and families as victims. She works in homes, schools, prisons, on the streets, medical and mental health facilities, as well as law enforcement and other professional training centers. Susan began working on school shooting cases in 1997. She has taught programs for high risk, severely emotionally disturbed, and angry youth for over twenty years. Susan teaches educators, counselors, administrators, nurses, law enforcement, social workers, licensed professional counselors and therapists, psychologists, corrections officers, probation officers, attorneys, judges, and other professionals about numerous topics focused on the impacts of high- risk youth behaviors.

She has been a keynote at national conferences, has written and presented over ninety-one different professional conferences, graduate classes, and trainings throughout the United States and internationally. Her most recent focus has been “Effects of Trauma and Mental Health on Youth and Their Families”, “Raging from Within: Angry Youth, Angry Adults”, and “Assisting First Responders and Front Liners with Trauma Sensitive Strategies”. She has written three books; “Empowering the Victim, A New Approach to Stopping and Preventing Bullying”, “Reunification of Incarcerated Parents with Their Children for Successful Re-Entry”, and “Through My Father’s Eyes: Breaking the Cycle of Trauma”. Susan and her husband reside in Alaska and Arizona; along with their children and grandchildren.

Susan Magestro’s unique background as a criminologist allows her to draw on real cases involving violence, youth, and families


  • Bachelor of Science, Criminology, Arizona State University, Minor:
  • Masters of Arts, Education, Alaska Pacific University
  • Lifetime Teaching Certificate
  • Certification, Severe Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities, Arizona
  • Certification, Learning Disabilities, Arizona
  • Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 with a focus on Trauma Sensitivity


  • School Shootings: Averting Tragedy (2018)
  • Reunification of Incarcerated Parents with Their Children and Family: Breaking Barriers For Successful Re-Entry (2016)
  • Through My Father’s Eyes: Breaking The Cycle of Trauma” (2015)
  • Feature Column: Who’s Running Your House (2014)
  • Empowering the Victim: A New Approach to Stopping and Preventing Bullying by Susan Magestro and Pamela Gerloff. (2009)
  • Dignity for All, Pamela Gerloff (2008)
  • School Shooting, Joe Lieberman (2008)
  • Teen Correspondent & Columnist: Arizona Republic Newspaper (1973-74)

Professional Experience

Instructor: University of Alaska-Anchorage & Alaska Pacific University

Wrote and taught over 91 classes, graduate/professional level classes with focus in area of high risk youth and their families. To date trainings attended by over 4,500 educators, nurses, counselors, therapists, mental health professionals, social workers, principals, superintendents, law enforcement personnel, licensed professional counselors, case workers, probation officers, corrections professionals, nurse practitioners. Have led over 500 professionals on tours of prisons, orchestrated conversational interactions between inmates and professionals. Created the Re-Entry Walk for professionals to simulate re-entry.

Course Titles:

  • Assisting Front Line and First Responder Professionals a: Strategies and Tools to Assist Youth and Adults in Trauma
  • Providing Front Line Professionals Tools & Strategies to Keep Alaska’s Youth and Families Safe
  • The Good, the Bad, The Ugly of Social Media
  • Effects of Parental Re-Entry on Youth, Schools, & Communities
  • Effects of Trauma & Mental Health on Youth & Families, Parts I, II, & III
  • Journey of A Child of an Incarcerated Parents
  • Voices of the Children of Incarcerated Parents
  • Gangs in Alaska
  • Children of Incarcerated Parents
  • Raging from Within: Angry Youth/ Angry Parents
  • Cyber Bullying: Through The Eyes of the Victim
  • Resiliency: Overcoming Adversity
  • Advanced Resiliency Overcoming Adversity
  • Assisting Adolescents To Navigate Troubled Waters
  • Juvenile Journey Through The Justice System
  • Youth Violence and Threat Assessment
  • Prevention and Intervention Strategies for High Risk Youth
  • Faces of Bullying
  • Prospectus of Justice I, II, III, & IV:
  • Safe Schools: Perspectives of the Justice System

Magestro & Associates, LLC, Anchorage, Alaska

Consultant & Interventionist: youth and parents with focus on high-risk behaviors:

  • Youth in trauma
  • Children of incarcerated parents
  • Victims of cyber-bullying
  • Suicidal Ideation in response to social media
  • Physical violence, techniques in de-escalating anger, domestic
  • Violence (teen abuser/ adult victim)
  • Poly-victimization
  • Minor’s consuming
  • Alcohol, gang violence

Investigations Include:

Cults and the occult, homicides, attempted murder of children, cyber bullying & suicide, fraud, personal injury fatalities, school shootings and threats of shooting


  • International Accreditation of Crime Labs of Costa Rica (also home of the Crime Lab of the United Nations for Central and South America)
  • National Police Academy of Costa Rica: Topics: youth violence, school shootings, violent behaviors, bullying, fight clubs, gang activity, and graffiti.


High risk and at-risk youth unable to achieve success in traditional or alternative classrooms, students with poor attendance, high risk of drop out, poor academic skills, anger and violence issues, students in gangs, students with mental health issues such as depressions, cutting, etc. Consultant for students most at risk for drop out, low attendance, failing grades, and other high risk behaviors.


Pilot Program, Alaska Progressive Prison Parenting. Implemented in five correctional centers in Alaska, four men’s facilities and one woman’s facility with12 different classes of incarcerated parents.


Teaching incarcerated parents skills to parent their children during their incarceration, during transition, and re-entry. Focus on prevention of inter-generational incarceration and success parental re-entry to reduce recidivism

Her audience includes teachers, school administrators, counselors, therapist’s social workers, psychologists, law enforcement, parents, and community members.

Strategy & Tool Development

  • Anger Wheel (de-escalate anger in self and others)
  • Gradations of Anger (Pattern angry and aggressive behaviors)
  • Averting of Tragedy-Template focusing on school shooting
  • Mental Health and Trauma Template for Professionals

Guest Speaking, Conferences and Certifications

  • Presenter: Full Lives Conference, State of Alaska, Reunification of Re-Entrants with Family and Community
  • Presenter: 22nd Annual Behavioral Health Conference, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, State of Oklahoma
  • Presenter: Alaska State Nurses Conference
  • The Caring Place: Dating & Domestic Violence Training for Adults & Teens, Indiana
  • Keynote and Hosting: Effects of Trauma and Mental Health on Youth and Families, Parts I & II
  • Speaker: Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference
  • Keynote Speaker: National Alliance of Drug Endangered Children
  • Keynote and Hosted: Effects of Social Media on Youth
  • Keynote Presenter: Mat-Su Borough School District Principal Trainings: Voices of the Children of Incarcerated Parents
  • Keynote Presenter: State of Alaska, Dept. of Corrections, Annual Conference for Superintendents & Probation Officers
  • Alaska Alternative Schools Conference: Assisting Adolescent To Navigate Troubled Waters
  • Alaska State Department of Corrections Annual Conference: Keynote Speaker, The Journey of the Child of An Incarcerated Parent
  • Anchorage Police Department, Crisis Intervention Team Training: Keynote Graduation Speaker
  • Arizona State University, Departments of Criminal Justice & Criminology
  • Alaska Bar Association
  • Hobart School District, Indiana
  • Valparaiso School District, Indiana
  • Phoenix Unified School District
  • Alaska Youth Safety Summit, Captain Cook Hotel
  • Anchorage Police Department (School Resource Officers)
  • 2007 Alaska Student Safety Summit
  • International Forensic Science Conference
  • International Rights of the Children
  • International Juvenile Fire Setters Conference, Drawn to the Flames, Investigating, & Interviewing At Risk Youth
  • International School Business Partnership Symposium
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of Alaska
  • Ministry of Justice, Costa Rica, Law Enforcement
  • Ministry of Justice, Costa Rica, Juvenile Corrections (training for first youth prison in country)
  • Ministry of Security, Costa Rica
  • Alaska Gateway School District
  • Parent Community Meetings
  • Professional Development Network: Special Education Laws, Rights, and Responsibilities


  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Post-vention, CISM
  • Grief and Loss, Grief Following Trauma Certification, CISM
  • Opiate Task Force Mat-Su
  • Sex Trafficking Coalition, SOA
  • Alaska Chaplains: Responding to Crisis
  • Victims For Justice; Board Member
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police: Trauma Informed Sexual Assault
  • Implementation Steering Committee, State of AK, Prisoner Re-entry
  • Alaska Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative Council, State of Alaska,
  • Crisis Intervention Training, Anchorage Police Dept.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Citizens Academy Alumni Association
  • Mayor’s Standing Advisory Committee on Diversity/Gang Task Force,
  • National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, Northwest
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing: Basic
  • Life Crisis Intervention Training
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • Expert Witness, State of Alaska, Superior Court, Family Law
  • Public Speaker & Crisis Interventionist: Center Against Sexual Assault,
    Phoenix AZ
  • Teen Correspondent-Arizona Republic Newspaper