Individual & Private Group Training

“Little by little, until it adds up to something recognizable”
– Susan Magestro

1-2 Day Conferences:

Assisting First Responders and Front Line Professionals to Address Youth and Adult Trauma
(Available nationally)

  • Staying emotionally balanced in the course of serving others in trauma
  • Assisting others in trauma so they can be mindfully aware of their cognitive abilities, how to emotionally balance, stay connected, and retain an accurate perception of reality
  • Assisting others to be emotionally balanced so they can shift thinking from pain to information
  • Assisting others to be resilient while overcoming adversity
  • Assisting others to feel empowerment, in control with recognition of choices during times of trauma
  • Acquiring strategies necessary for school settings, workplace, universities, at home to share with clients, colleagues / co-workers, staff, and family
  • Acquiring strategies to achieve post traumatic growth with optimism, satisfaction in life, and with self-confidence
  • Acquiring strategies to build resiliency with a focus on family, friends, work, school, and social media

Participants Include: educators, counselors, nurses, administrators, School resource officers, law enforcement, fire department, social workers, attorneys, paralegals, judges, therapists, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, probation officers, corrections officers, and other professionals focused on high risk youth behaviors.

People spend so much time trying to find themselves. The real secret is to create yourself.
– Susan Magestro

Individual / Private or Small Group Sessions: Trauma Sensitive Strategies with Restorative and Gentle Hatha Yoga (1.5 hour sessions, 3 hour sessions)

  • Navigating Through a Traumatic Journey, individually, as a family or as a group
  • Staying emotionally balanced while walking through the trauma to get to the other side
  • Reducing toxicity, somatization, anxiety, depression, eating disorders
  • Building resiliency and feel re-empowered
  • Learning the “Breathe How We Live Experience”
  • Shifting thoughts of pain to thoughts of needed information
  • Surviving through and reaching the other side of trauma

Participants include:

Couples wanting to enjoy a relaxing new activity together, People with autoimmune disorders, in chronic pain, difficult sleeping, over stressed, dealing with a medical diagnosis while in hospital or at home, Post -traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, (More to follow)

Tell me, I forget. Touch me and I will remember you forever.

– Susan Magestro