Sue’s class was the most moving class I have ever taken.

- BH Superintendent

The information I have learned has totally changed my way of thinking.

- PB, Nurse

Susan isn’t just providing strategies, she’s saving lives.

- DM Director of Instructional Technology

Susan is fabulous, dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable. I am better informed how to respond to my students. My toolbox dealing with trauma has been increased!

- NB, Middle School Teacher

My son was diagnosed with ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) while I am incarcerated. Sue taught me how to work with my son. I shared this information with the rest of my family who is raising my son during my incarceration. He is getting better! He doesn’t need a “shadow” at school anymore.

- Inmate participating in re-entry program

I like how the instructor is able to use real world situations as examples. I learned techniques how to manage contact with my children and my family while in prison. Now, I better understand real expectations, about my own anger, my child’s anger, and how to meet their needs.

- Inmate participating in re-entry program

Sue is amazing. She is inspirational. I want her conferences to go on longer.

- Nurse

I love Sue. She is my favorite instructor because she is real and relevant. She gives me tools I can use for years and challenges my thinking.

- Teacher

I love, love, love Sue! She’s relatable and connected.

- Secondary Teacher

Susan is real. Learning from her has given me more empathy to understand the feelings that kids and parents are going through.

- MS Teacher

Of the many educators I have met in my lifetime, Sue is the most down-to-earth and pragmatic in her approach to teaching, and one who brings real-world examples, both personal and professional, into her classrooms.

Her calm and straightforward manner of presenting extremely volatile and complex topics has encouraged me to open up and allowed me to confront the biases and sometimes incongruent trappings of my chosen career, ultimately evoking a positive change not only in my perspective on life but also towards my life’s work.

- Maria Lilligan, Math and English Juvenile Detention Facility
private practice in counseling

I have had the opportunity to work with Susan Magestro on a number of occasions. Her courses dive into the reality of what educators are facing as they are on the frontlines of serving students and families that have experienced trauma. Sue teaches skills that educators can immediately implement in their personal and professional lives. One of the most influential courses I’ve taken with Susan involved visiting correctional facilities where we were able to have conversations with incarcerated parents. The opportunity to ask questions about the role of the school with children of incarcerated parents was absolutely eye-opening and humbling at the same time. I truly appreciated the memorable, life-changing experience.

- Tara Moore, Mat-Su Borough School District Counseling Coordinator